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I believe it is important we are on the same page prior to moving forward.

I am an older woman who, through life's incredible journey, has learned to respect herself; faults and all.

I embrace being a woman, and I am deliciously comfortable in my own skin.

My body is just curvy enough & insanely sexy.

 I hope you'll agree.  


Chemistry and connection are important to me.  

I enjoy allowing the experience to take it's natural course.  

I can be very open-minded when I choose to.  


My bedroom personality is best described as sometimes shy at first.  

But if I'm into it, you'll know.  

I can get awfully vocal when "inspired".    

With that said,  every encounter is unique and has it's own spirit.  

Let's find a rhythm of our own.

 But Taylor, what kinds of things do you like? 

What should I expect?  

What kinds of things don’t you enjoy? 

Those are good questions;  and legitimate ones. 

But I prefer not to answer them in such a public forum. 

I can send you a link that will help answer those question. 

...after screening has been addressed of course.

I  can also cut and paste that info to you.

But if you’re using an old-style flip phone, that text will probably be garbled. 

That said, it really  isn't something we can text or talk about prior to meeting.

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