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An unsealed envelope left in plain sight is the best way to handle the gift.   Please don't hand the envelope to me directly, the fantasy is lost that way.  Remember, a little privacy is appreciated so that I can put the envelope away. It's a great time to go wash your hands.

Digital and/or electronic payments (CashApp, Bitcoin, etc) must be completed before being invited upstairs.

As of right now, I am not requiring deposits when scheduling.   However, in the event of a cancellation with less than 24 hours notice, a gift is appreciated.

If we've already met, you may notice that expected donation is a little different. For the now, you can consider yourself "grandfathered" at the previous donation. What an unusual term right?.  But seriously, soon it's important to me that everything be a little more uniform.


Looking Forward To Meeting You Soon,

Taylor McKenna

A Full And Uninterrupted Hour Of Fun
400...My Place
I'm typically not available outcalls less than 90 minutes.
Ninety Minutes Of Naughty
600...My Place
700...Your Place
A Two Hour Adventure
700...My Place
800...Your Place
One Hour...500
Ninety Minutes...700



Couples Fun

One Hour...600

Ninety Minutes...900



Dinner Date

Since the amount of time that dinner requires can vary widely, we have two options...



The first is a three hour engagement that includes 90 minutes of public time and 90 minutes of private time:


The second is a four hour engagement that includes two hours of public time  and two hours of private time:   


This doesn't have to be dinner. It could be  a breakfast, a lunch, or brunch. It could be a trip to a vineyard, the theater or the ballet.
The possibilities are endless.



Unfortunately it's not usually possible to have me whenever the mood strikes you.  Well, maybe it is...650 Hour




The donation may vary depending on how much time we settle on spending together,  But a good starting point is 2500 for an eight hour visit.



Like an overnight, the donation may vary depending on how much time we ultimately decide to share.  But also like an overnight a good starting point is 2500 for an eight hour visit.



Put the brakes on. Lol.  This isn't where you find out how to propose. It's just that sometimes an extended visit is a full twenty-four hours give or take.  The customary gift is 5000.


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