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Age: 47


My Height: 5'8"


My Weight:  It would be a lie so why bother answering at all.


Bust: 40DDD

Hair Color:  Brunette

Eyes:  Brown


Tattoos: A  few but you'll have to find.​



My Five Year Goals Are:  

To be a homeowner again and to have a more traditional business of my own.


My Ten Year Goals Are:

To have a small multi unit rental portfolio.


What Do My Friends Say About Me?  

That I'm smart, funny,  extremely laid back, easy to talk to.


What Do My Enemies Say About Me?  

That I am a royal bitch!


What Do Men Say About Me?

That I have a nice ass, and great boobs, pretty eyes, and soft lips.


How Would I Describe My Bedroom Personality?  

Passionate, ardent, and with a skilled out!!!!!!!!!


How Do I Describe Myself Physically?  

Dangerously curvy. 


My Hobbies Are:  

Horticulture, crafting, and spending time with my kittens.


My Favorite Flower:

Black rose.


My Favorite Animals:

Cats of all breeds.


My Favorite Color:



My Favorite Store:

Victoria's Secret


My Favorite Food:

Thai, Indian, Italian


My Favorite Dessert:



My Favorite (Alcoholic) Beverage:

Truly Iced tea


My Favorite Genres Of Music;

Alternative and/or Metal


My Favorite Band:

Highly Suspect


My Favorite Fashion Designer:

John Paul Gautier


My Favorite Position:

Doggie Woof!!!!!


My philosophy...In Brief

To live life like every day is your last.


My Biggest Private Talent:

A Great BJ.


I Am Ambitious And Want Good Things For Myself

Strongly Agree


Hard Work, No Matter What The Endeavor, Is The Key To Success

Strongly Agree


It's Important To Maximize Our Strengths And Minimize Our Weaknesses

Strongly Agree


I Like Men And Men Like Me

Strongly Agree

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